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Our firm provides a wide range of financial solutions for your company.

LGC SA is a young firm established in 2012, based in Lugano, Switzerland, founded by skilled and experienced partners, able to provide cutting edge ideas as well as traditional, solid solutions. Our goal is to deliver an extended range of financial services and high value consulting to corporate environments, small business realities and professionals. Find out more about our services.



We provide the expertise to maximize your profits.

LGC SA is a full service accounting practice serving corporate, small businesses and professionals.
We will be partners to overcome the challenges of your company on a daily basis and make sure that your accounting, tax and other financial needs are not among of them.



We are here to help.

We provide consulting to our clients, relying on a wide range of skills covering the most relevant financial fields, in order to do our best and meet every possible specific need. We invite you to a further reading about our services.


A quick glance at our fields of expertise

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Tax Advisory and Consulting

Tax advisory and tips, both corporate and commercial for companies and enterprises.

Fiduciary Services and Mandates

We accept mandates on corporate boards and we can be appointed as trustees for the company.

Administration and Management

Support for the establishment, organization and administration of companies and enterprises.

Due Diligence and Acquisitions

We plan and make acquisitions, mergers, creations, evaluations and due diligence.

Trusts and Foundations

We can establish and manage foundations and trusts, acting in a fiduciary capacity or as trustee.

Assets and Stakes Acquisition

We acquire assets and stakes and make financial operations to achieve the corporate purpose.

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